Welcome to Kennedy SHSAT Prep.

What should you expect from your SHSAT Prep?

– Shouldn’t it present its average score increase?
– Is there a money-back guarantee?
– How about student testimonials?
– Teacher qualifications?
– What exactly is being offered, and don’t you deserve to know?

You do.

All data from each company’s website:

Kennedy Test Prep’s overall SHAT success rate is an industry-best 85.71%.*

Using Kennedy Test Prep’s Edutainment approach, we connect with, engage, and encourage our students to be their best selves. We make our classes fun, because when you’re listening for the punchline, you’re engaged — and learning. The result is the highest performing Test Prep in Flushing, Garden City, or NYC.

There are no progressively easier practice tests designed to fool you into believing you’ve grown — only to be shell-shocked by the real SHSAT.

And that money-back guarantee? We’ve never had to fulfill it.

Our Flushing-based classes are excellent, with students coming from as far as Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

With the best results, teachers, testimonials, and guarantees, we are the best SHSAT Prep in New York.

Daniel & Martha Kennedy,

Kennedy Test Prep Lead Instructor & Director

*Ask for a PDF of our student records. We won’t say we told you so.

Highest overall average SHSAT average improvement in NYC

Be a part of our 85.71% success rate. The other companies don’t publicize stats at all. Now why is that?


Best guarantee in the industry

Do all of your HW on-time with proper technique (most important!), come on-time to all originally scheduled Flushing Classes, and your score will go up or your money back. Period

Most Fun

Laugh+Cry=Learn. Our “Edutainment” approach is the reason parents and students love Kennedy Test Prep. Look forward to class. Watch our "secrets of the SAT!" video >

We Care

In our classrooms, your children are our children. Bobby needs encouragement? We pull him aside for a good heart-to-heart. Jen is absent or misses HW? You’ll hear from us. Together with you, we build excellence.

Most experience

Join our Lead Instructor Daniel Kennedy, SAT Teacher of over 23 years, and his equally excellent protégés. Teacher experience at other preps: who knows? Learn more >

Focus on teaching and technique

We do not endlessly test. Tests can't teach!! Teachers teach. Our time-tested curriculum balances content & technique. Watch our video!

Best Testimonials

Students you actually know. A lot of them >

Best prices

Call us with your Princeton Review DOE discounts; we’ll beat them and give you the prep you really want. We are here to serve our Flushing Community, not strain it. Your child is not a paycheck.

Free tutoring

Come to the Flushing Classes early to enjoy up to 30 MINUTES OF FREE TUTORING WITH OUR INSTRUCTORS!!! That is not a typo, and you won’t get that elsewhere. That’s just how we do.

In Person and Online

Want the Best Prep but you’re out of town? Out of country? KENNEDY TEST PREP IS NOW IN-PERSON AND LIVE-ONLINE! Join the live class from anywhere in the world.

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135-20 35 ave Flushing, NY 11354
245 Stewart Ave Garden City, NY 11530
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