Queens SAT Prep Classes

Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes

Check it out! THE CHASE wants you!!

The Smash Hit TV show The Chase asked Kennedy Test Prep for contestants for their quiz show! Do you think you have what it takes to audition??

Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes
An exciting update on Jeopardy!, The Chase will hold auditions Saturday April 12th. The Chase has offered Kennedy Test Prep VIP priority casting when we get a big group! Simply go to ChaseCasting.com, fill out the form, and mention Kennedy Test Prep in the “how you heard about the casting box.” Our Lead Instructor Daniel Kennedy hass already registered! Who will take down The Beast???

How does Kennedy Test Prep Compare?

All data is based on said company’s website or service info:

Don’t you have a right to know what you’re paying for?

Only Kennedy Test Prep publicizes:

-a per-course overall average SAT score improvement of over 200 points

-a lead instructor with over 15 years SAT AND SHSAT experience

-improvements of up to 640 points in a single class.

-an SHSAT Program with a 6 out of 7 students success rate

Don’t take our word; google for yourself. With the best prep and the best prices, guaranteed, we are the best SAT Prep in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn or NYC.

Manhattan SAT Prep Classes
Instructor Daniel Kennedy
Instructor Daniel Kennedy

Kennedy News:

Mar 6, 2014

Kennedy Test Prep and Lead Instructor Daniel were featured in Fox Business regarding the forthcoming SAT changes! Click here for article

Mar 6, 2014

Kennedy Test Prep’s Daniel Kennedy was

interviewed live by Pat Kiernan of NY1!

Daniel had plenty to say about the New SAT Test

changes. Mac users: play audio here >>>>>>>>>>

PC users: click here, pick the 3-6 podcast, then

cue the 18:30 mark

Jan 8, 2013:

The results keep pouring in! The November SAT class improved an overall average of 270.9 points!! Keep sending in your scores, everyone!

Oct 30, 2012:

Kennedy Test Prep and Lead Instructor Daniel Kennedy were featured in the New York Times!

Oct. 25, 2012

The Official SAT results are in! Our October SAT Intensive Class improved an average of 231.25 points in a single course! Here are just some of the results:

Stephanie U. of Bayside HS scored a 2250 on the Oct 2012 SAT!

(800 Reading, 740 Math, 710 Writing)

Josephine O. of St. Agnes HS scored a 2200 with the Oct 2012 SAT!

(700 Reading, 700 Math, 800 Writing)

Savannah Bowen scored a 2010 on the Oct 2012 SAT!

May 9, 2012

We have a new record! Sukhjit K. of Bryant HS improved 640 points in a single Kennedy course! Congratulations, Sukhjit!

Who will beat her record?

(Writing + 190, Math + 170, Reading +280)


What are the classes like?

Each queens sat prep class, your child will have homework assignments that reflect the skills covered. Homework is due the following week. If students do not complete their Queens Sat Prep homework and practice daily on their own, you will be informed.

SAT Prep

What does Kennedy guarantee?

How confident are we in our SAT and SHSAT Programs? For every student that comes to all of our classes and does all of the homework assignments, we guarantee that his/her real SAT score will go up from his/her most recent SAT score (or if never taken, our Session 1 practice test score), or you receive a full refund, no questions asked.

As of January 2014, no one has ever asked for this refund.

Serving Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone, Fresh Meadows, Little Neck, Glen Oaks, Bay Terrace, College Point, Queens Village, Bellerose, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, all NYC and more.


Does Kennedy offer in-home tutoring?

Yes! Kennedy Test Prep Queens In-Home Tutoring covers:


-SAT Subject Tests: Math 1

-SAT Subject Tests: World History

Queens SHSAT Prep

HS and JHS Enrichment:


-Reading Comprehension

-Writing and Grammar Skills

Interview Coaching


What can you do at home?

-Ensure that your child completes all assigned homework.

-Test your child’s vocabulary daily and use SAT words in every day conversations at home.

-Make sure they study for at least an hour a day (besides their homework).

-Set limits on your child’s television, video game, phone, texting and computer usage.


What is the SAT?

Given seven times a year, the SAT is usually taken at the end of Junior Year and at the beginning of Senior Year. After school grades, it is one of the key deciding factors for College Admissions. It is the most important written test American Student's will ever take.

Preparation should begin well in advance; although the SAT is made up of high school level Math, Reading and Writing Sections, it is more of a Reasoning Skills test than anything else. Even for the best students, techniques, vocabulary and content knowledge will take a minimum of several months to master. It is not unusual for students to begin preparing the Summer before their Freshman year.

The highest possible score in each section (Math, Reading and Writing) is 800, the highest essay score, 12. The average score for each section is about 500, the average essay a 7. The top overall score is 2400, and many students attain that goal every year. Anything is possible with hard work.

Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes
Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes
Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes
Kennedy Test Prep Queens SAT Classes
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